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January 2016

The Importance of Research

Knowing how to research is a valuable tool in today’s society. Therefore, how we research is more important than what we research. How we research determines the results we get. Without proper research we cannot verify the facts and get down to the truth. How we research includes the tools we use, for example, the internet, periodicals, and books. Based on the method of research, we can access various sources that determine the information we produce.

The way we research is an ethical issue because we have to follow ethical standards when using the information that we unearth. For example, if a student is researching a topic for a paper, they will cite their sources and have a Works Cited page or Bibliography.  This is because the student is ethically bound to give credit to their source in order to avoid plagiarism.

In academics, we use research to find information pertaining to a topic. When researching, we try our best to zoom into the topic. However, this can be difficult because we have to find sources that are reliable and that give a different perspective. I recently read an article discussing “The Advanced Google Searches Every Student Should Know” and I learned that it is possible to find sources from other countries. This allows us to look at a topic from a different perspective. Nonetheless, how we research still becomes an academic issue because we have to verify that our sources are reliable.

In spite of this, research results in more knowledge and understanding of a topic. The importance of research is undeniable and it has countless benefits. How we research is significant in influencing how we think about certain topics. We’re living in the age of information and technology where we rely on the internet for a lot of our information. Therefore, when researching we need to be careful about the reliability of our sources and take into account the different perspectives. See you soon!


Timeless Poetry

I’m Nobody! Who are you?
Are you – Nobody – too?
Then there’s a pair of us!
Don’t tell! they’d advertise – you know!

How dreary – to be – Somebody!
How public – like a Frog – 
To tell one’s name – the livelong June – 
To an admiring Bog!

~ Emily Dickinson

Poetry can communicate ideas and convey meaning. It can also teach us truths about our world and the perspectives we hold on situations. In this poem, Emily Dickinson creates a relationship with the reader at the beginning by first asking the reader a question When she says that, “there’s a pair of us!” and “Don’t tell!” she makes it seem as if we’re in cahoots. This communicates the idea that poetry is timeless. Therefore, I can still feel a connection to the poet even though the poem is more than a hundred years old.

Dickinson continues by saying that it’s “dreary – to be – Somebody!” This is unusual because at some level we all want to be someone relevant. Then she goes on to say that all they do is announce their “name” without saying anything of real importance. This could apply to any number of circumstances; to the politician who would lie to gain the people’s trust; to the celebrity who would do anything to have more fame; to the individual who pretends to be someone they’re not to receive approval. I‘m guilty of this; of the need to be accepted or given approval by others which I know is unnecessary. Yet, I still fall prey to this need.

A “bog,” as explained by the dictionary, is wet muddy ground unable to support a heavy body. Dickinson sets up the “admiring Bog” as the public who accepts what they are told and sucks in whatever the “Frog[s]” tell them. And by simply accepting whatever they are told, they lose their individuality and identity. In our world today, society can be the “admiring Bog” taking in everything that those with fame project. This poem remains pertinent even in our time. It is a poem about individuality and the importance of staying true to yourself despite the pressure that society places on you.

The structure of the poem allows for multiple interpretations even with the use of such few words. This is an important aspect of poetry that prose does not necessarily posses; that it can convey so much meaning with such simplicity. Poetry can create connections between the reader and the author: it can be thought-provoking and challenging. The language doesn’t have to be complex or even well structured for the poetry to speak volumes. Rita Dove, a poet and author, said that “Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful.” I believe that this is what poetry is and that it is a powerful tool for communication. The words of a poem remain the same forever but what may change is how we interpret those words. See you soon!



A New Beginning

I would sum up my 2015 as the year I challenged myself to grow and do more demanding activities. I had the chance to travel to new places and create new memories with friends and family. I joined a basketball team and took an AP Language class which was quite challenging yet rewarding.

It’s easy to dream about the future and to dwell on what you would like your life to be. But, if there’s one thing I learned last year, it’s that, it’s important to focus on the present. It’s not bad to have hopes and dreams for the future but the only way to achieve them is by focusing on the present. So, last year, I focused on growing as an individual and making the steps towards the future I would like to have.

This past year I had the opportunity to travel to the United States of America and visit colleges. It was such great experience to meet new people and learn about the colleges I hope to attend. I also had the chance to visit family and go with them to exciting destinations.

Last year, I had an amazing time being part of the girls basketball team at my school. It was incredible to play alongside such wonderful and brilliant people. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and as a result I learned so much and created lasting friendships. In addition, I joined an AP Language class and it was challenging to say the least. Nonetheless, because of the class, I’ve grown in my writing abilities and knowledge of the English language and for that, I’m extremely grateful.

Lastly, I had a fantastic Christmas that I spent with my family. I visited my Grandmother and some of my cousins. It was peaceful, quiet and relaxing so, I got to read a great deal of books and bond with my family.

Last year was filled with challenges and joys but because of them I’ve grown as an individual. My hope for this year is that I can continue to grow and try new things. I really want to learn something new, whatever it may be because, it’s never too late to learn. And to add on to that, I would like to enjoy the year: to have fun through the triumphs and learn from the hardships. So, I hope you all have a great 2016 as we travel on this journey of life together!



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