Excellence is not perfectionism. The world’s expectations for excellence can sometimes be confused with perfectionism. Therefore instead of trying to be excellent, people try to be perfect and that is simply impossible. Nobody is perfect.

Perfectionism is seeking approval from others and from the world. In contrast, excellence is doing your best and learning from your failures. Knowing the true difference between excellence and perfection is the key to pursuing excellence.

When we seek perfection, we fear failure and taking risks. But when we pursue excellence, we are able to learn from failure and try new things because we are not afraid to fail. Perfectionism can cause us to identify ourselves by what we have accomplished which only leads to a low self-esteem if we fail. However, pursuing excellence means that we identify ourselves by who we are and not what we have accomplished. Thus, our self-esteem remains intact when we fail or come in second because deep down, we know that we gave our best.

To pursue excellence means to give your all to something without the need for that something to be perfect. Pursuing excellence is knowing that you did your best and that who you are is more important that what you have achieved. Go out and be your best. See you soon!