The Internet is part of our everyday lives. It’s part of how we communicate and how we exchange ideas. I’m making this blog post on the Internet in order to share some of my ideas, and many of you use social media to connect with other people. Some of you may use the dark net; a part of the Internet filled with those who would like to remain anonymous in their online activities. This raises the question, how much is too much when using the internet?

The point is that we all access the Internet in one way or another for various reasons. The issue is that there is no limit to the Internet. Any one can do anything if they find the right place to do it. The dark net is filled with human traffickers, drug dealers, and terrorists. Yet it’s also filled with whistle-blowers; people looking for a safe place to report crimes and wrongdoings. In addition, the public Internet can also be filled with pornography and cyber bullying. However, there are also tons of educational information that is helpful and social media the we can use to communicate with family and friends far away.

The Internet, both public and dark, can have advantages and disadvantages. So, how do we go about solving the issue of how to limit all the negative aspects surrounding the internet? Is it even possible to limit it? Trying to control how people use the internet would be difficult because it may be seen as impinging on the rights of an individual to have free speech. Yet, leaving the internet completely free of regulations results in chaos. So, there is no definite answer to how much is too much. The question of the Internet is much more complicated than simply one answer. The internet is a representation of our world and the solution would have to be a mixture of different elements. See you soon!