Sadly, this may be the last blog post I write. The school year is coming to an end and thus, my AP language and composition class is also coming to an end. At the beginning of the school year, when I wrote my first blog post, I had no idea that I would grow to enjoy writing posts. So, when it hit me that this may be the last blog post I would write, I was slightly disappointed.
The year has been tough and really hard at times, but I do feel like I have achieved improvement in my writing abilities. One form of writing I have grown to love is poetry. I think I have grown in my ability to analyze poetry and appreciate it for it brevity and complexity. But the biggest take-away value for me has been the improvement of my essay writing abilities. AP Lang has taught me to step away for the traditional five-paragraph essay and three-pronged thesis, and move on to more complex form of structuring essays and discussing and thesis statement. I no longer view essays and derogatory and basic but as a form of exploring a question for an answer or taking a stance on a point.

So, in this way, I feel like AP lang with its rigorous essays and lengthy readings and analyses has taught me how to become an explorer with my writing. Overall,  AP Lang has taught me how to have my own thoughts and opinions and not just take everyone else’s word for it. And now, I hope to take the knowledge I gained from AP Lang into all my future writing. I hope to step away from the easy route of writing basic essays that reflect none of my thought into the harder route of writing essays that discuss complex themes while still taking a position on the topic and displaying my thoughts. Maybe I will come back to writing blog posts on my own time, but until then, goodbye!